*GDPR Update* – Theme 1 – V2.8

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GDPR implementation is imminent so in preparation for this, SurgeryWeb have introduced a few additions to the websites to ensure they are compliant with the new regulation, details below:

NEWEU Cookie Law – A new banner has been added to the websites at the bottom of the screen to notify users that cookies are used on the website to collect data for analytical statistics, the user must click ‘accept’ on this banner to remove it, and once clicked it will be removed for that user for 14 days at which point the cookie for this will expire and it will re-appear.

NEWUser consent – Each contact form on the website that collects any personal data has a new tick box at the end of the form for the user to tick to state that they consent to the Practice collecting and storing their personal data. This has not been added to the FFT or Patient Survey forms as they are anonymous and do not collect any personal data. (This will not automatically be added to any new forms you create from this date so please let us know if you do so and we can add this on.)

AMENDMENTForm Entries – As well as being emailed to the Practice, every form submission was additionally stored in the website database for you to refer back to via the “Forms > Entries” screen, as of 20/05/2018 (deployment of Update v2.8) the entries will no longer be stored, meaning that no personal data is stored from the website. Submissions from FFT and Patient Survey forms are still stored as they are anonymous and do not collect personal data. (Any new forms you create from this date will store their submissions so please let us know if you do so and we can prevent them from doing so. If you would like your forms to continue saving submissions, we can remove the block but it is your responsibility to update your Privacy Policy to detail the purpose for you storing the data, what you intend to use it for and who has access to it.)

NEWPrivacy Policy – A new Privacy policy page has been created with content that details what personal data is collected and how it is done so, about the website’s server and how data breaches will be reported.

BUG FIX Coloured Tiles – Following the last update to the layout of the coloured tiles screen which included show/hide toggles for the tile settings, it was found that if settings where changed and then hidden before saving, the new settings/values were not saved and this was mixing icons up with their respective tiles. The show/hide toggles have now been removed to prevent this. “Add row” has also been relabelled “Add New Tile”.

BUG FIXColoured Tiles in Internet Explorer – We have made a slight change to the order that certain scripts were being loaded which caused styling problems in the Coloured Tiles screen, where Internet Explorer users couldn’t see the labels on the buttons as they were all squished together. This also caused a few problems on the main navigation menu on the website.

MISC – We have removed 200 lines of style properties that related to the old NHS Local Services widget following the update from NHS Choices. We have added a few style properties to force the new Cookie Law banner to be in front of the Google Translate tab at the bottom of the page as they were conflicting.

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