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Afternoon all

As you know, there is a widget in your dashboard where you can monitor your website’s statistics using Google Analytics, a great tool for showing you the number of unique visitors to your website, number of returning visitors, page views, everything you want to know.

Recently Google has introduced a restriction of 25 ‘token requests’ per Analytics account which basically means that only 25 websites can be authorised under one Analytics account, if 25 websites use the widget, once a 26th has been authorised the 1st then loses access, if a 27th is authorised then the 2nd loses access and so on.

We were only notified of the restriction this week hence we were not aware that some Practices may have a non-functioning widget but we have found a workaround which should allow us to authorise all Practice websites and we are working hard to get this in place.

However, this does mean that some Practices may find that their analytics have been reset back to 0 as their website has been linked to a new Analytics account.

There is no way from preventing this from happening and we apologise for any inconvenience, but once your website has been authorised to our new Analytics account your statistics should remain undisturbed from that point.


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