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Dear all

Following the post on 4th September regarding the recent changes with Google Maps API and billing (see here: Recent change to Google Maps which affects your Practice website), we are still contemplating the best way to approach this going forward.

Some Practices may notice that their location map has disappeared from the home page of their website, this is only a temporary measure and will be re-introduced on 1st October. The map can still be found on the websites Contact page. This measure is required to minimise the number of map API calls over the next week. We then need to get an accurate number of map loads throughout the month of October so we can better monitor usage, distribute API keys across several billing accounts and minimise costs to SurgeryWeb, ensuring that the service we provide remains sustainable.

We apologise for any incovenience that this may cause, but just like in Primary Care, if costs rise then elements need to be assessed and measures put in place to minimise these additional costs.

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