Theme 1 – V2.0 – MAJOR UPDATE

Dear all

I have been working on a theme update the last couple of weeks which was finally rolled out tonight, it contained several fixes/amendments and new features. The updates (and reasons for) are listed below:


  • All SurgeryWeb websites are now protected using SSL Certificates, which adds an extra layer of security to the site, your web browser will display either a green tick, green shield or a padlock next to the web address to indicate that your website is secure. You have a duty to safeguard personal data submitted to you via your forms under the Data Protection Act, and by having a secure website in this way you are fully compliant. SurgeryWeb is one of the only Practice website suppliers to offer this.

Customisable Options

  • I have redeveloped the ‘Customisable Options’ menu, previously the website was required to load all fields within all 7 tabs at once, rendering the page load speed quite slow – this has now been split in to several seperate sections.
  • The sidebar features have been redeveloped to allow several new options, you can now select what/where you want a core tile to link e.g. if you wish not to use the on-site ‘order prescriptions’ form and would prefer to link this tile to your clinical system, you can now do that. You can also now re-order the core tiles by click and dragging the left side of each row up or down.
  • The sidebar features core tiles have new icons.
  • There is a new section for ‘Useful Links’, these were previously coded in to the theme but you can now add/edit/remove your own useful links to appear in the website sidebar.
  • There is now the option to change the NHS logo in the header to the NHS Scotland logo (due to us now supplying website to practices in Scotland).


  • All forms now have a ‘Captcha’ field to prevent spam, users submitting a form must enter a 5 digit combination of letters/numbers to successfully submit. Please remember to add a Captcha field to all new forms you may create!
  • ‘Partial Entries’ functionality has been removed, this was displaying partially entered submissions from spam bots which were never sent out to Practices as the bots never passed the Captcha verification, but it’s not nice to see in the dashboard!


  • The ‘Find Local Services’ page now has an editable content area to write content above the ‘Find Services’ widget.

I hope you find the above additions useful, and as always SurgeryWeb appreciate all feedback.

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