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Dear all

I have been working on a few little bits which bring some minor changes to your website features and these have been rolled out to all Practices over the weekend, details are as follows:

Addition: There is a new CQC Widget field for the home page, simply Edit your home page to see the field and you can paste in the embed code from the CQC website to display your Practices own rating, there is a link to the CQC instructions page or you can watch the SurgeryWeb screencast here. Have a look at the demo website to see how this would look on your home page.

Amendment: The ‘Useful Links’ section has had a tweak, so if you add a link to a website but don’t upload a graphic to accompany this then the Title will show instead.

Amendment: You can now link additional tiles to Documents, for example one Practice wanted to link a tile to a poster about the Shingles vaccination so patients can view/download it, this is now possible.

Amendment: When you try to remove a tile by clicking the minus on the right hand side of the fields (additional and core, but please do not remove core tiles!), you will now be prompted to confirm that you wish to remove it.

Bug fix: When re-arranging core tiles, the icons where staying in the same position and weren’t going with the tile, e.g. if you swap the ‘FFT’ and ‘Update Details’ tiles around, the ‘Update Details’ would show the little people icon and ‘FFT’ would show the index cards, this has now been fixed.

Bug fix: When selecting what a core tile links to, no matter what option was selected (link, form, page etc..) the label for the next field would display “link”, this has now been corrected to show it’s respective label.

Bug fix: When linking additional tiles to external websites, the link field was not always editable and appeared ‘disabled’ to some users, this is now fixed.

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