*Update* – Theme 1 – V2.3

Thank you all once again for your feature requests, I have now implemented some of these in to V2.3 which has just been rolled out to all sites, detils of this update are as follows:

New feature – Home page rotating gallery. If you edit your home page, you will now see a tick box to select if you want to display a rotating slideshow gallery on your home page, when you tick this box a series of image fields will appear below for you to upload as many images as you want to display. When published, this will display a gallery that will slide every few seconds on a loop.

Amendment – Social Media Icons. Practices who have social media channels could display icons in the footer to link to those channels (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc..), I have now amended this section to include 5 different sets of icons to choose from, and also a range slider for you to select what size you want the icons to be, it starts at 32px which is the size the original icons were and can be increased right up to 72px. The icons are also much higher quality than previous.

Amendment – When submitting any form on the website, the “Submit” button changes it’s working to “Sending…” to notify the user that the form is actually submitting before the confirmation message appears, this is mainly beneficial for those with poor internet connections that may have to wait for the confirmation message.

Amendment – 3rd Level Navigation – I have added styling to the theme to allow for a 3rd level navigation, so in your main menu where you can have sub-menus dropping down (2nd level links), those sub-menus can also now contain sub-sub-pages and if you hover on a 2nd level link, the 3rd level menu pops out to the right hand side, I have also styled this so that any 2nd level links to the right hand side of the menu which have sub-menus, these pop out to the left so they don’t go off the side of the page. An example of this is may be a main menu link of “Health Advice” with a 2nd level sub-link of “Family Health” and under this could be a 3rd level sub-sub-link of “Child Vaccinations”.

Bug fix – When submitting forms on longer pages, sometimes the page would jump down when displaying the confirmation message and the user would need to scroll up to see this, the confirmation message should now always be in view.

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