*Update* – Theme 1 – V2.4

In this update, we introduce an exciting new feature which has been request by a few Practices but will be enjoyed by many. Email Management and bulk sending.  You will see a new link from your dashboard, “Email Management” and clicking this will tell you how to log in to your new Email Management dashboard.

Within your new dashboard you can create mailing lists, perhaps you want one for your PPG, one for your Practice Staff, perhaps one for local colleagues. You can also create mailing templates if there are particular email campaigns you have in mind which you would send on a regular basis. Finally, you can create campaigns, using either a template or an adhoc email, select what list you’d like to send your email to and away you go.

The system will send 8 emails per second and there is no limit as to how many emails you can send, (there is to us, but you’ll never max that out!)

Other changes are as follows:

Bug Fix – Original Patient Survey wouldn’t let you proceed to step 2 without answering Q3 about why you weren’t able to see a Doctor, even if you answered that you WERE able to in Q2, Q3 is now no longer ‘required’.

Addition – We have added styling properties for the password field if password protecting a page to be accessed only by internal staff.

Addition – New “Email Management” link in dashboard.


Coming soon: We will be looking at the Patient Surveys as we would like to give you the ability to publish results on the website easier, we will also be looking at the new NHS Choice Syndication tools to integrate some health articles in to the website, finally we will be looking at including some additional forms such as Travel Questionnaire and PHQ9 Depression score.

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