*Update* – Theme 1 – V2.7

Happy Easter! The Easter bunny has brought a few more changes to the dashboard of your SurgeryWeb dashboards, see below for the list of amendments/fixes in this release:

NewTitle Background Colour fields – You can now change the background colour of the “Opening Times” and “Useful Links” titles in the sidebar of your websites, the default is blue but you can change this in “Customise your website” > “Opening Times”/”Useful Links”.

AmendmentColoured Tiles – The coloured tiles screen has now been split in to 3 sections using tabs, the first tab is the 7 Core Tiles which can be customised and disabled/enabled accordingly but not added to or removed, the second tab is the new NHS Choices A-Z Conditions Widget which was introduced in V2.6, and the third tab is for your additional tiles for which there is no limit to how many you can add.

AmendmentAdditional Tiles – An “Enabled/Disabled” switch has been added to the Additional Tiles to match the Core tiles, so you don’t need to remove a tile if you no longer wish to use it, you can simply disable it to be used again at a later date.

Bug fixCore Tiles – Some Practices found the ability to add new tiles in the Core Tiles section, Core tiles have their icons hard coded in to the theme as they were designed specifically for their purposes, and new Core tiles would not have any icon associated with them hence you should not be able to add or remove these tiles, this has been resolved.

Bug fixSticky Posts – There was an issue when making a news post “sticky” (so it remains at the top of the news items) where it was appearing at the top of Latest News and also the News Archive section (so appearing twice), this has now been resolved and sticky news posts will only appear at the top of the Latest News.

Coming soon:

In the next update, there will be a search field for your website visitors to search your website for something specific.

We are also looking in to “QR Codes” and what information your patients may want to see easily if scanning a QR code from your website. (If you don’t know what a QR code is, it is a square black and white ‘barcode’ image that can be scanned using a QR reader app on a smartphone, and by scanning this image it can do one of many possible actions such as loading a webpage/app, saving a contact, downloading an image/file etc..)

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