*Update* – Theme 1 – V3.1

Happy new year to you all.

There are 2 changes in this update:

You may be aware that recently NHSmail introduced some ‘anti-spoofing’ measures to prevent the delivery of emails illigitimately sent from @nhs.net addresses. This included emails sent to you from the online forms on your Practice website which were being sent ‘from’ the same address that they were being delivered ‘to’ therefore they were either being delivered to ‘junk’ or not at all.

After receiving complaints, NHSmail recognised that their original rules may have been too strict and temporarily disabled these anti-spoofing measures. In the meantime I have developed this update which will force all forms to send emails from noreply@yourdomainname.co.uk/.nhs.uk and this will satisfy NHSmail that the emails are being sent from a genuine source and therefore be delivered to you correctly.

NHSmail will be re-enabled on Tuesday 12th February but I expect all websites to have been updated by the end of this week.

This update also bring the introduction of an “Open/Closed” indicator which will display in the header of the website to notify patients if you are currently open or closed, displaying green or red respectively. I will have inputted the business hours to match your opening hours and if these change, you will need to go in to the “Open/Closed Indicator” menu to amend in here also – or if you would prefer not to use this new feature then you can also go in to the “Open/Closed Indicator” menu, click the Hours tab and click the Red cross to remove the location.

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