*Update* – Theme 1 – V3.3

Fix – Re-authorised Google Analytics dashboard widget on a number of websites which became unlinked due to a new ‘access token’ restriction, workaround is in place to ensure that limits aren’t reached.

Fix – Removed the 3 login attempts limit before IP address is blocked.

Improvement – Cache software has been installed on all websites so that if a user re-visits the website after a short period of time, a number of scripts won’t need to be reloaded meaning an improved page load speed.

Fix – There was a bug exclusively in Google Chrome whereby the toolbar which appeared in the page editor when you click an image or a link would flash quickly preventing you from clicking any of the options, this has been fixed and the toolbar can now be used.

Fix – The blue search button on the search field in the sidebar is now functional, previously only pressing enter would submit the search form.

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