*Website Update* – V3.5

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well in these uncertain times.

New – We have redeveloped the open/closed indicator which now ties in with the Opening Hours. Previously you would need to populate Opening Hours via “Customise your website > Opening Times” and then also populate your opening times again in the Open/Closed indicator to display the respective message on your website. These are now ties together and you can access this module via “Opening Times” in your dashboard.

The new module takes in to account lunch time closures, allows you to enter a message to display under each of the opening times for each day (in the case of extended hours, or an out of hours message etc..) and as before you can list bank holidays (for the closed message) and training days/early closures.

Fix – Google reCaptcha has been set up for all websites and enabled on any form that previously had the simple captcha (5 letters/numbers) as it became apparent that spam bots were evolving and seemed to be able to pass spam through online contact forms despite a captcha being enabled. Googles reCaptcha, although still not 100% accurate, is a lot more reliable in identifying genuine/fake submissions.

Fix – Styling properties were added to news posts to keep consistency with page content as there were a few styles (i.e. table borders and list bullet points) that were differing.

Fix – The ‘close’ button on the pop-up alert has been moved from bottom right to top right which is the standard position for any prompt.

Update – Social icons in the website footer have been updated, these previously used images but are now displaying as vibrant vector icons and are a lot more attractive and professional.

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