*Website Update* – V3.6

Amendment – The default number of posts/pages displayed in the dashboard has been changed from 20 per page to 200, meaning that majority of Practices won’t have to navigate to page 2, page 3 etc.. to look for a specific post/page when editing.

Addition – Styling has been added to all websites for a newly developed online pre-registration form (very similar to GMS1) in case a Practice decides to have this imported in to their websites.

Fix – The word “Menu” has been added next to the hamburger icon on the mobile menu as some patients didn’t recognise the 3 lines to be the menu toggle button.

Addition – The ‘honeypot’ anti-spam measure has been enabled for all forms as an additional security measure. This adds a hidden field to each online form, not visible to website visitors and hence when a form is submitted this should remain empty. A spam bot scans the websites source code for forms and would identify this field as one that needs populating, if the form is submitted when this hidden field contains any value at all then the submission will not be sent.

Amendment – The new SurgeryWeb logo has been added to the dashboard login screen.

Amendment – am/pm has been removed from the opening times as it uses 24 hour clock.

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