*Website Update* – V3.7

This latest updated has finally been deployed to all websites and we hope you enjoy what it brings.

NEW – We have introduced some of the new NHS UK Widgets in to the sidebar which are really useful resources for your patients. The widgets are the Health A-Z, Find Local Services (Hospital, Dental, GP, Pharmacy and more), Live well advice and tips, Depression Self Assessment, Your Blood Pressure (calculator) and a BMI Calculator. They can be individually enabled/disabled from within your dashboard in the “Customise your website > NHS Widgets” menu.

NEW – We have also introduced a scrolling news ticker to the top of the website. By default this will display the titles of the latest 3 news posts that you have published, or alternatively you can set this to display custom content and you can enter your own text to scroll across, you can do this via the “Customise your website > Scrolling Ticker” settings.

UPDATED – We have redeveloped the coloured tiles for many reasons, the main being that the settings for these were quite messy, you previous had a tab of settings for ‘core tiles’, a second tab of settings for the NHS A-Z widget (which is now part of the new widgets block as above) and finally a third tab of settings for ‘Additional tiles’. You now just have one page of settings for your coloured tiles, and by doing so you can now re-order the tiles in any way that you want (previously core were separate to additional so you could not create your own tile for tile number 1 for example).

UPDATED – We are using a new library of icons for the coloured tiles so there are more medically relevant icons and they are also bolder than the previous which are more attractive on the page for web users.

NEW – Finally we have added a new ‘Tile action’. As well as the existing actions of linking a tile to an external URL, an internal page/post, a document or image, a form in a pop-up window or your Clinical System’s Online Services, you can now link a tile to custom content which will appear in a pop-up window. So if you wanted to display an image with a short paragraph of text, you are now able to create a tile have this content appear in a pop-up frame when clicked.

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