*Website Update* – V4.0

Amendment – The menu structure link has been moved on the left side dashboard menu from within “Appearances” and is now labelled “Menu Structure”.

Amendment – “Media” on the left side dashboard menu has been renamed to “Uploaded Items” which is much more self-explanatory. In the page & post editor, the “Add Media” button has been relabelled to “Add Documents/Images”.

Amendment – All the colour settings within the various “Customise your website” sections have been moved to one page titled “Colour Settings”.

Amendment – The “Customise your website > Footer” settings page has been relabelled “Social Media”.

Removal – The option to disable the top bar of colour has been removed from the “Header” settings page, 100% of Practices have this enabled so it is now a permanent fixture.

Bug Fix – There were no styles set on the website for bulleted sub-lists on a page, they are now styled with the correct bullet points.

Amendment – The Practice logo/image in the Header (if set in “Customise your website > Practice Details”) is now clickable and will direct patients back to your home page

Bug Fix – The Practice indicator will now update the time (if enabled in the settings) in realtime.

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