*Website Update* – V4.1

New – In the settings for the Scrolling Ticker, if this is set to display the titles of your latest news articles, you can now set how many titles to display (or set to 0 to display all).

Amendment – The settings for “Feature Tiles” has been moved out of “Customise your website” and on to the top-level menu on the left hand side of your dashboard to make these more visible and accessible.

Amendment – A few supporting scripts for Internet Explorer (particularly older versions i.e. 10 and below) have been removed, this is in line with current trends due to Microsoft discontinuing support for IE from June 15, 2022. Subsequently, GP Practices (especially those with third-party IT support) will have been advised to either use Microsoft Edge or alternative browsers (such as Chrome or Firefox) and the SurgeryWeb Practice websites are fully supported by all of those, as well as Opera and Safari. If you are still using Internet Explorer, you may find that although the website itself displays fine to the user, some of the settings in the backend may not work as expected, especially those with conditional logic (i.e. Feature Tiles settings where the “Tile Action” field determines which field is displayed next).

Other backend coding amendments have occurred to simplify the template for future updates.

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