Covering every aspect of your SurgeryWeb dashboard, our step by step articles will guide you through anything you may need to do to your website.

Latest News – From editing news posts to creating new ones, see how to manage your websites posts.

Uploaded Items – Your media library displays all uploaded documents and images.

Forms – You can create an unlimited number of enquiry forms for different purposes and also view your submissions.

Pages – From editing existing pages to creating new ones, see how to manage your websites pages.

Menu Structure – Learn how to add new pages to your navigation menu and re-organise the ordering.

Users – Create user accounts for other Practice staff to maintain your website in your absence or delegate maintenance to someone in your team.

Feature Tiles – Customise the feature tiles, the placement and the action of each tile.

Secondary Menu – Add links (on-site and external) to the additional menu navigation.

Customise your Website – There are many different customisable elements for you to get creative with.

Opening Times – The new Opening Times module also handles the open/closed indicator and bank holidays/training days/early closures

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