Annual Pricing

From 1st December 2022, the cost of our SurgeryWeb Practice website will be increasing by £19/year for existing Practices, this will make the total cost £269 per year.  We have never raised our prices since SurgeryWeb was first established in 2017 but during this time we’ve seen costs rise again and again, which until now we’ve been able to absorb.

However recent energy prices have increased the costs of hosting the servers we deliver your websites on by a very significant amount. Servers, firewalls, air conditioning and large data feeds are all power hungry so our data centre costs have risen.  Software licenses have also increased over the years, and we have recently introduced new features on the websites such as the new anti-spam measures provided by CleanTalk, all of these additions result in extra expense.

The increase of £19 a year is only 7.6%, much less than the RPI inflation figure for 2017 – September 2022 (almost 20%).

We know price increases are unpalatable, especially at the moment when we are all under financial pressures, however we hope you find our web site service first class and great value for money, and we hope you’ll continue supporting us as we continue to evolve.

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