November Update

As always, we like to communicate with our fellow Practices to let you know of any updates or announcements regarding any of our products or services, so please see our latest offerings below.

Website update

Following the communication that was sent on 23rd September ( regarding the latest website update, this deployment has been going very well and although we have a number of Practices still to update, we expect this to be complete within the next 2 weeks. We have also fixed any styling issues which have occured as a result of this update which will then be deployed instantly upon completion of this rollout.

Server upgrade

Upon completion of the website update project, we will begin migrating Practice websites to an upgraded server. When we say upgraded, the specification of the new server is 8 times more powerful than the current series of servers which would massively improve website load speed and the whole patient experience. This will be yet another lengthy project because although any website with a, .com, .org etc domain name (controlled by SurgeryWeb) can be migrated instantly, we are reliant on NHS Digital (and the Scottish equivalent) to assist with the domain names. We anticipate all websites to be running on the new hardware by the end of the year, and are very much looking forward to that happening.

Bag yourself £50 from Amazon before Xmas!

Have you left a review for SurgeryWeb on our PracticeIndex listing yet? If not, why not? We are giving away 3x £50 Amazon Gift Cards to randomly selected winners and all you have to do is head over to our listing on PracticeIndex and leave us a review (preferably 5 stars!) –

Anyone who has already left us a review this year (from 1st January 2022) will automatically be entered. And anyone who has left us a review before this date is eligible to leave another so you won’t be missing out. Reviews must be submitted before 5pm on Wednesday 30th November.

To give PracticeIndex a chance to publish any pending reviews, we will make our draw on Friday 9th December when 3 people will be picked by an independent person not associated with SurgeryWeb. Winners will be notified via email the same afternoon.


Finally, we thought it about time to have a presence on Twitter, so if you’re a “Tweeter” please give us a follow: @surgery_web, we would really appreciate it.

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