*Website Update* – V5.1.6

Amendment – You can now add external links to the Secondary Menu as well as the usual internal page links by selecting “Link to External Website” and entering a URL in to the text field (ensuring you include https://) – this link will open the external website in a new tab/window so it is not taking the patient away from your Practice website.

*Website Update* – V5.1.5

Bug Fix – The script which sets the speed of the scrolling ticker which was implemented in the last update was conflicting with other elements when the ticker was turned off in the dashboard, i.e. sub-sub-menus wouldn’t open and were therefore inaccessible. This is now resolved.

*Website Update* – V5.1.4

Fix – Unfortunately the previous fixes to the scrolling ticker caused it to potentially scroll very quickly depending on the length of the text being scrolled, this feature has now been re-developed and also now has the ability for users to hide the ticker when viewing the page (required to comply with Accessibility standards).

*Website Update* – V5.1.3

Fix – There was a styling issue with the scrolling ticker when set to “Custom text” which was preventing the pause/play buttons from functioning, this is now fixed.

Fix – If you choose to use the “Full Width Page Template” on the home page of the website, the tiles were not appearing, this is now fixed.

*Website Update* – V5.1.2

Fix – The styling properties of the scrolling text ticker has been amended slightly as the ticker was looping slightly too early so the end of text was not being displayed, this will now do a full loop before re-scrolling.

Fix – There were a couple of styling glitches with form elements i.e. email fields didn’t have a border/background – these have now all been rectified.

*Website Update* – V5.1.1

Fix – When using the “Full Width page template” on the home page, the home page content was not displaying, this is now fixed.

Accessibility Statement has been reviewed/updated.

*Website Update* – V5.1.0

Amendment – The Data flow diagram (linked to from the Privacy Policy) has been updated.

Amendment – The trigger button to launch the accessibility tools has been moved from the right hand side to a button in the footer (under the SurgeryWeb logo) as the previous floating icon on the right hand was appearing glitchy when scrolling down the page on mobile devices.

Amendment – We have changed the translation provider as the previous translations didn’t apply to all web elements and the trigger button was also not very user friendly on small mobile devices. The new trigger can be found in the footer under the SurgeryWeb logo and accessibility tools button.

*Website Update* – V5.0.9

Continuing with our work on the “Benchmarking and Improvement Audit Tool”, we have implemented the following theme/framework changes:

Amendment – We have updated the format of the opening times to 12-hour clock, displaying am/pm, and using the word ‘to’ in between times instead of a hyphen.

Amendment – We have restyled the breadcrumbs on inner pages to match the design from the NHS Service Manual – https://service-manual.nhs.uk/design-system/components/breadcrumbs 

Amendment – We have restyled the search field in the website header to match the design from the NHS Service Manual – https://service-manual.nhs.uk/design-system/components/header

Amendment – We have restyled the ‘submit’ buttons on all online forms to match the design from the NHS Service Manual – https://service-manual.nhs.uk/design-system/components/buttons 

*Website Update* – V5.0.8

NEW – Continuing with our work on the “Benchmarking and Improvement Audit Tool”, we have implemented a new secondary menu. The need for this comes from the item in the audit tool about the main menu and to score ‘well’ for this item, the main menu should have seven items or less. 99% of GP practice websites have more than 7 menu items (or pages that they wish to be as visible as possible) and the links to access these pages need to be situated somewhere on the page, otherwise the page would never be accessible.

The new secondary menu can be accessed via a new menu on the dashboard left hand menu and you can easily add as many menu items to this location as you require.

*Website Update* – V5.0.7

New – We have introduced a new secondary menu in the sidebar below the coloured tiles (above opening times and useful links). This is mainly for the practices who wish to score ‘well’ on the new NHS Website Benchmarking and Improvement Tool by having 7 or fewer menu items on the primary menu, and therefore need a secondary location for the rest of the page links on the website.

Amendment – Default site colour is now NHS Blue (Hex #005EB8)

Amendment – Scrolling ticker has been hidden for mobile devices.

Amendment – We have removed the function which forces the anti-spam honeypot feature to be enabled on all contact forms, our primary anti-spam measure is provided by CleanTalk.

Amendment – Top bar (colour strip) has been removed.

Fix – We have changed the word ‘until’ to ‘to’ in the opening times table which is recommended in the new NHS Website Benchmarking and Improvement Tool

Fix – Feature Tiles now display on the ‘Full Width Template’ when they’re set to ‘top of the page’ and display on all pages.

Fix – When the footer background colour is set to white, a black version of the SurgeryWeb logo will display.

Fix – We have localised the address field in the form builder by relabelling zip code to postcode.

Coming next: We will be introducing a few more elements from the NHS Design Manual such as a re-styled search field and breadcrumbs on the inner pages. We’ll also look to restyle the online forms to match NHS Design standards.

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