*Website Update* – V3.7.2

Amendment – Posts has been renamed to “Latest News”.

Amendment – “News Archive” has been removed from the home page and under the “Latest News” heading will now be 5 news articles instead of just the latest 1. The reason behind this was that some Practices publish updates on their websites quite regularly, so it didn’t seem right to have a recent article under “Archive” when it was only published a few days prior, in other words the latest 2 or 3 (0r 5) articles could all still be relevant and should therefore all reside under “Latest News”.

Fix – Implemented a minor styling adjustment to forms whereby white space was present above the right hand field when 2 fields were side by side, they will now remain level.

*Website Update* – V3.7.1 – Accessibility

This update is minor in modifications but major in the web industry, your websites are now compliant with WCAG Accessibility regulations in preparation for the deadline in 23rd September.

Within this update comes styling modifications in the form of “focus” states, this means that when you use your keyboard to ‘tab’ through the links on the web page you will see a visual indication. Text links in the page content will underline, menu items on the navigation will underline, your coloured tiles will turn black with yellow icons as will the new widget tiles underneath your grid.

An Accessibility Statement has been published on all websites and the link to this is in your website footer under the SurgeryWeb logo.

  • Posted on September 19th, 2020 in Changelog

*Website Update* – V3.7

This latest updated has finally been deployed to all websites and we hope you enjoy what it brings.

NEW – We have introduced some of the new NHS UK Widgets in to the sidebar which are really useful resources for your patients. The widgets are the Health A-Z, Find Local Services (Hospital, Dental, GP, Pharmacy and more), Live well advice and tips, Depression Self Assessment, Your Blood Pressure (calculator) and a BMI Calculator. They can be individually enabled/disabled from within your dashboard in the “Customise your website > NHS Widgets” menu.

NEW – We have also introduced a scrolling news ticker to the top of the website. By default this will display the titles of the latest 3 news posts that you have published, or alternatively you can set this to display custom content and you can enter your own text to scroll across, you can do this via the “Customise your website > Scrolling Ticker” settings.

UPDATED – We have redeveloped the coloured tiles for many reasons, the main being that the settings for these were quite messy, you previous had a tab of settings for ‘core tiles’, a second tab of settings for the NHS A-Z widget (which is now part of the new widgets block as above) and finally a third tab of settings for ‘Additional tiles’. You now just have one page of settings for your coloured tiles, and by doing so you can now re-order the tiles in any way that you want (previously core were separate to additional so you could not create your own tile for tile number 1 for example).

UPDATED – We are using a new library of icons for the coloured tiles so there are more medically relevant icons and they are also bolder than the previous which are more attractive on the page for web users.

NEW – Finally we have added a new ‘Tile action’. As well as the existing actions of linking a tile to an external URL, an internal page/post, a document or image, a form in a pop-up window or your Clinical System’s Online Services, you can now link a tile to custom content which will appear in a pop-up window. So if you wanted to display an image with a short paragraph of text, you are now able to create a tile have this content appear in a pop-up frame when clicked.

*Website Update* – V3.6.2

Good afternoon

New – To comply with WCAG Accessibility standards, we have started to implement tools for website accessibility starting with the excellent widget provided by UserWay.

Addition – We have added a custom closed message field in to the new Opening Times module as some Practices wanted to modify the default “Sorry we’re closed” to include an Out of Hours telephone number.

Removal – We have removed the “Map Location” menu from the Customise your website section as we are slowly migrating Practices from Google maps to Mapbox.

Improvement – Additional spacing between form fields has been inserted as some fields were too close together and forms were becoming unattractive and confusing.

*Website Update* – V3.6.1

Fix – We have amended the InPS Online Services website URL on core tiles that link to the Clinical System Online Services for ordering prescriptions and online appointment booking.

*Website Update* – V3.6

Amendment – The default number of posts/pages displayed in the dashboard has been changed from 20 per page to 200, meaning that majority of Practices won’t have to navigate to page 2, page 3 etc.. to look for a specific post/page when editing.

Addition – Styling has been added to all websites for a newly developed online pre-registration form (very similar to GMS1) in case a Practice decides to have this imported in to their websites.

Fix – The word “Menu” has been added next to the hamburger icon on the mobile menu as some patients didn’t recognise the 3 lines to be the menu toggle button.

Addition – The ‘honeypot’ anti-spam measure has been enabled for all forms as an additional security measure. This adds a hidden field to each online form, not visible to website visitors and hence when a form is submitted this should remain empty. A spam bot scans the websites source code for forms and would identify this field as one that needs populating, if the form is submitted when this hidden field contains any value at all then the submission will not be sent.

Amendment – The new SurgeryWeb logo has been added to the dashboard login screen.

Amendment – am/pm has been removed from the opening times as it uses 24 hour clock.

*Website Update* – V3.5

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well in these uncertain times.

New – We have redeveloped the open/closed indicator which now ties in with the Opening Hours. Previously you would need to populate Opening Hours via “Customise your website > Opening Times” and then also populate your opening times again in the Open/Closed indicator to display the respective message on your website. These are now ties together and you can access this module via “Opening Times” in your dashboard.

The new module takes in to account lunch time closures, allows you to enter a message to display under each of the opening times for each day (in the case of extended hours, or an out of hours message etc..) and as before you can list bank holidays (for the closed message) and training days/early closures.

Fix – Google reCaptcha has been set up for all websites and enabled on any form that previously had the simple captcha (5 letters/numbers) as it became apparent that spam bots were evolving and seemed to be able to pass spam through online contact forms despite a captcha being enabled. Googles reCaptcha, although still not 100% accurate, is a lot more reliable in identifying genuine/fake submissions.

Fix – Styling properties were added to news posts to keep consistency with page content as there were a few styles (i.e. table borders and list bullet points) that were differing.

Fix – The ‘close’ button on the pop-up alert has been moved from bottom right to top right which is the standard position for any prompt.

Update – Social icons in the website footer have been updated, these previously used images but are now displaying as vibrant vector icons and are a lot more attractive and professional.

*Update* – Theme 1 – V3.4

Being deployed from 12/03/2020 but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, please bear with us as we update all websites manually.

Fix – Due to NHSmails recent anti-spoofing measures, some form submissions were being delivered to the junk mailbox. This was caused by the email pretending to be sent “from” the Practice’s primary contacts email address (which in 99% of cases was a @nhs.net address). We have added a function to force all forms to send from noreply@yourdomainname.co.uk so this satisfies NHSmail’s security and emails should be delivered correctly.

Fix – NHS Choices (now NHS UK) changed a few parameters on their widgets, specifically the “Find local services” widget, which caused search results not to display after a local postcode was entered, this has been updated.

Fix – In some cases, the default PPG was not visible (and therefore not editable by Practices) from the list of Pages, this is now visible.

Amendment – We have made the “pop-up message” slightly bigger as Practices are using this great feature for the important Coronavirus information which can be quite lengthy.

Addition – We now provide to Practices in Wales and have added the NHS Wales logo as an option in the “Customise your website > Header” settings.

*Update* – Theme 1 – V3.3

Fix – Re-authorised Google Analytics dashboard widget on a number of websites which became unlinked due to a new ‘access token’ restriction, workaround is in place to ensure that limits aren’t reached.

Fix – Removed the 3 login attempts limit before IP address is blocked.

Improvement – Cache software has been installed on all websites so that if a user re-visits the website after a short period of time, a number of scripts won’t need to be reloaded meaning an improved page load speed.

Fix – There was a bug exclusively in Google Chrome whereby the toolbar which appeared in the page editor when you click an image or a link would flash quickly preventing you from clicking any of the options, this has been fixed and the toolbar can now be used.

Fix – The blue search button on the search field in the sidebar is now functional, previously only pressing enter would submit the search form.

*Update* – Theme 1 – V3.2

Just a small update for version 3.2, this just fixes a couple of minor bugs with the Open/Closed indicator which is soon to be redeveloped.

Some users reported that they could add holidays and change settings on the Open/Closed Indicator module but then these changes would not save.

This has now been fixed.


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