SurgeryWeb’s Birthday

I know there’s not much to celebrate at the moment, but this week marks the 4th anniversary of the first SurgeryWeb Practice website going live and to mark this occasion we have decided to do two things…

Increased referral rate

For the month of November, the referral discount has been increased from 5% to 10%. For each Practice you refer to SurgeryWeb who goes live with a new website, you and your referred Practice will both receive 10% discount off your annual invoice (next in your case, first in theirs). That’s an accumulative 10% off for EACH.  The referred Practice does not need to go live during the month of November, they must just commit to signing up by submitting their Initial Setup Form quoting your Practice (ODS) code in the relevant field, however discount wont be applied until the new website does go live.

£50 Amazon gift card raffle

We are giving away 3 x £50 gift cards just in time for Christmas, all you need to do is leave us a review on the PracticeIndex website.

Already left a review? If you have left a review since 1st April 2020, you will be automatically entered for the draw which will take place on Saturday 5th December, you do not need to leave another. If you have left a review before this date, PracticeIndex are happy for you to leave another so you are not excluded. And if you haven’t yet left one, what are you waiting for?

The winners will be notified directly via email on or shortly after 5th December.

Direct link:

I would like to personally thank you all for your continued support.

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Practice Boundary Map Update

For Practices using the Catchment Area tool from the old Primary Care Web Tool website (now managed by NHS Digital), it appears that all issues have been resolved and the postcode checker facility is fully functional.

And for the Practices not using this tool, it can be a very handy addition to your website, the map will show a rough (though sometimes quite accurate) outline of your catchment area and includes a postcode checker for patients to see if their postcode is within your boundary. If you would like it adding to your website, drop us an email here: and we’ll assist you with this.

  • Posted on June 10th, 2019 in News

Practice Boundary Map Update

We have received the following from NHS Digital regarding the Practice Boundary map on Practice websites:

NHS Digital are aware of the current technical issues being encountered with the existing catchment area links in use and we are aware that a technical solution has been made ready and is imminent on being deployed.

We anticipate that the approach taken will auto-redirect existing catchment area links in use onto NHS Digital’s new systems which will resolve the issue reported, without any further action been necessary. However should it be found necessary where a practice will need to take any specific action to update their website catchment area links to the practice website, NHS Digital will send out further communication to all practices to provide any guidance and support in relation to this service.

To request further support in relation to catchment area services please contact NHS Digital enquiries at

  • Posted on April 3rd, 2019 in News

Primary Care Web Tool Practice Boundary Map

An e-mail was sent out on Wednesday 27th March by the Primary Care Web Tool team to notify Practices that their website would be closing from 31st March 2019.  I immediately replied to this to ask what would be happening to the Practice Boundary feature that they have hosted for many years because thousands of Practice websites use this feature, would there be an alternative or will they still be supporting it etc..

The reply I received was that a further email would follow regarding the catchment areas tool – this has not yet been sent as far as I am aware.

As expected, the Practice boundary map is not currently working on any Practice websites until this is taken over, and I have heard from other sources that NHS Digital may be taking over the support of this tool, but until confirmed this is unfortunately out of our hands and the map will not display correctly.

  • Posted on April 2nd, 2019 in News

We are GDPR compliant

Following a successful deployment of SurgeryWeb Theme version 2.8 and an update of the main SurgeryWeb website, we are now the only Practice website supplier to become fully compliant.

Each of the Practice websites we supply have features to collect consent on submissions of various forms, a written privacy policy which gives details about the personal data that is collected, who can view it and how it is stored, and other additional features.

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